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Show your Love  Show your Love and Link to Prison Inmate Penpal

Show your love to inmates who desperately need your support, and your letters ; ) Linking to us is easy, just copy-and-paste a snippet of code to your website or page. You will find the code snippet located on each inmate profile page just below their mail-to postal address. Show them some love by sharing the gift of friendship and your link.

Below you can see examples of what the link code looks like on your page.

Thank you all very much – Prison Inmate Penpal

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Prison Inmate Penpal

Bi-sexual women ready to get married and get the blank out of prison. I am interested in any female or male friendships.

Ivy Martin
California Inmate

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Prison Inmate Penpal

I am a sexy down home country girl that grew up in Sin City. I am a hopeless romantic with a thirst for passion and fun.

Miranda Dalton
Nevada Inmate

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Prison Inmate Penpal

Qualities of honesty and trust is a must and I will give the same. Give a girl a minute of your time and drop her a line.

Lori Schock
Indiana Inmate

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Prison Inmate Penpal

I am hoping to meet new people that will be positive influences in my life. I know things can only get better from here.

Jesse Gipson
Minnesota Inmate

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Prison Inmate Penpal

Although tears dry with the passing of years, time moves on, giving life the urge of finding a true friend. Hope to write you.

Dominic DeCample
Virginia Inmate

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Prison Inmate Penpal

D.J. is a “forgiver” and he dreams of living a normal life with his son and passing on the Tradition of the Faith. May God bless you.

Darnell James Wilson
Florida Inmate

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Inmate friends and Family  Inmate Friends & Family

If you have met a special someone through our penpal service please let us know, we would love to hear about it.

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